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The kiddo in this picture made my day over the summer last year (2023). I was out doing shows all day for the Chicago Public Libraries - this was my last of 3 shows that day. It was a beautiful Chicago evening and no one was showing up for my show- I waited for 20 minutes... still no one. Just as I was about to start packing up, this joyful little person pictured here entered the room. This kiddo and their grownup asked if I was still going to do the show- I said, I would love to just do something a little more informal since it was just the two of them.

Before I got started I wanted to introduce myself. It went a little something like this:

Me:"Hiya! I'm Nanny Nikki! What's your name?"

Kiddo: "I AM GROOT"

Me: "OH! Nice to meet you!"

Kiddo: "i am groot"

The grownup stopped our hilarious exchange to tell me that the kiddo is obsessed with Marvel and their entire day had been filled with responses with different inflections but always saying the same thing- "I AM GROOT."

This caught my funny bone just right! I continued to ask the kiddo questions for a few minutes and the responses ranged from sullen to over excited but ALWAYS with "I am Groot!" This was literally one of my favorite moments of the summer for 2023.

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