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Sing & Soar (EP), a debut album (EP) from 2022 Grammy® Nominated Artist, Nanny Nikki, is set for release on Aug 30th 2022.  Nanny Nikki’s single releases up to this point include “The Caterpillar Song” and "Keep on Looking."  Her song “Playground Day” was a part of the Grammy® Nominated Children’s Music Album “All One Tribe” by the 1Tribe Collective of which Nanny Nikki is a member.


Sing & Soar (EP) invites the listening audience into the multi genre and joyful world of Nanny Nikki’s music! From a soft lullaby to a drum bucket rhythm and, rap and electronic music- Sing & Soar (EP) will indeed have a song for everyone to vibe with.  Nevertheless, the songs are clustered around some common themes including never giving up and an important message that all human beings are to be valued- that others' choices should be respected. More fundamentally, the songs are united in eliciting the deep joy that music can bring- the musical experience in this EP is truly visceral. Nanny Nikki states that, “My intention and true hope is that these songs get you singing your lungs out and make your spirit feel like it can soar!”


Strongly founded on the musical talents of main producer Steve DeMott, Sing & Soar (EP) has a star studded line up of collaborators.  The lead track, “The Beat” was co-written by Nanny Nikki and 4 Time Grammy® nominated producer Liam Davis .  The track ingeniously highlights the magic, beauty, and true artistry of the bucket drums; played by Steve Carpenter.  This track is especially poignant as it was inspired by signs that were seen around downtown Chicago asking residents to “call the police on the bucket bangers.”  Realizing that there was an obvious misunderstanding that this type of drumming is actually a true art form, Nanny Nikki engaged Liam’s help to create this fun loving tune which is surely to be on your summer playlists now and in the future.  


Other highlights include a song with Grammy® winning artist and producer Lucy Kalantaris arrangement of “Yuck Your Yum” brings an infallible musical touch that is rivaled only by Lucy’s own music.  Additionally, Nanny Nikki’s take on the alphabet song, in a track aptly titled, “ABCzzz.”  This delightfully catchy tune, which is bound to become your newest earworm, is also peppered with a rap from Grammy® nominated artist SaulPaul who adds a fantastic rap verse which makes the track even more captivating.  


The stand-out song on Sing & Soar (EP) is by far the last track on the album, “I Can’t Hear The Moon” which Nanny Nikki says originated during a conversation with her daughter:

“Just before bed one night my daughter and I were looking out the window when she  said, ‘Mommy, I can’t hear the moon…’ she was sleepy and drifted off shortly after making that striking comment.   That phrase kept running around in my head and I suddenly realized why… because we can’t hear some of the most important things in our lives… like love. “


This EP is special, the dedication to detail and the careful planning that went into it’s creation is incredible, thoughtful and heartwarming.


About Nanny Nikki:

Grammy® nominated for her contribution to the One Tribe Collective album, All One Tribe, which celebrates the rich culture and diversity that Black voices bring to family music, Nanny Nikki (Nikki Rung), recently released her first solo EP, Sing & Soar.

There has never been a time in Nanny Nikki's life when she hasn't been singing to or with children. From her roots in children's choir, musical theater, and gospel choir to 15 years as a professional nanny, Nikki knows kids and knows how to relate to them through music. She is now an interactive children's entertainer and teaching artist who performs in person and virtually throughout the country.


Nanny Nikki (Nikki Rung) lives with her family outside Chicago, IL.  Nikki’s husband, Rob works in the corporate world and their daughter Gwen is a spritely child with an unrivaled zest for life!  Nikki has a dog by the name of Pippin that she rescued in April of 2020.  Nikki enjoys cooking, watching sports being a mentor and laughing with friends!


Sing & Soar (EP) will be available on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Bandcamp.


Album Details: Sing & Soar

Independent Release

Release date:  Aug. 30th, 2022

For all ages, but especially for ages 0 - 7

Run time: 17:10



Sing & Soar (EP) Track List:

The Beat 

Yuck Your Yum

ABCzzz (feat. SaulPaul)

Almost Made It

Playground Day REMIX (feat. Christopher E. Singleton, Sr)                                                  

I Can’t Hear the Moon

For more about the album including credit information and liner notes slick on the slide deck below!


Pitch Deck for Sing & Soar (EP).