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Hiya! I’m Nanny Nikki! I’m a Grammy® nominated, interactive children’s entertainer and teaching artist who loves sharing my love of music with young children and their loved ones!


"Nanny Nikki's energy, enthusiasm, and creativity are absolutely infectious, and she was the perfect partner for our virtual toddler program. Her performances ...were engaging and got our viewers singing and dancing!"

Dianne Choie, Youth & Family Coordinator at the Milwaukee Art Museum Milwaukee, WI

"Nanny Nikki saved our summer education programming ...

 We can't wait to work with her again..."

Kay Hilton, 

Director of Education & Engagement

Britt Music & Arts Festival
Medford, OR 

"You are really, really great at what you do. It was wonderful to see the smiles on the faces of the children & adults alike!"

John Weaver

Senior Program Assistant

Menlo Park Public Library,

Menlo Park, CA

"From the time I was a young girl, I have known that music is where I find my HAPPY! My family always played folk music, I grew up on Peter, Paul & Mary, Raffi, and Disney music. My parents encouraged me to audition for the local children’s choir, that was an awesome introduction to singing well and in public. Not to mention, the director also offered voice lessons, much to my excitement! I found my favorite summer activity in going to Musical Theater camp and Music Camp- at least 9 summers were taken up between the two. I sang in a Gospel Choir for 12 years. I competed in Vocal Music competitions, was the Student Director of our high school chorus and had the lead in a few musicals while in high school. I sang on the bus to and from Speech & Debate competitions, while warming up for lacrosse games, while cleaning my room and babysitting neighborhood kids. After college, I worked as a professional nanny for nearly 15 years… and I sang. ALL THE TIME! My nanny kids had songs that had become synonymous with me caring for them. I have never had a time in my life when I wasn’t singing children’s music. Now that I am a Mother and caring for other children, I find every excuse to have "music time.” The looks on the faces of small children when they hear a song that excites them makes my heart swell! I love to sing kids songs and I hope I get the chance to spread that love to YOU!



A teacher, husband, musician, and father of two young children. During the day, he works tirelessly to educate high school kids about the wonders of science. In whatever free time he can find between work and fatherly/husbandly duties, he loves to play music. He has played guitar in bands since high school, mainly writing unique material, but also covering some songs. In recent years, he has learned to play the banjo and amassed an impressive repertoire of cover material with his band Mill Creek Jumble. Bryan is very excited to be joining Nanny Nikki in her mission to engage young children in music, play, and movement. He believes that music provides a unique emotional conduit between the mind, body, and soul. By providing interactive musical experiences for children, he hopes to help foster the development of emotional, physical, and spiritual intelligence. Sometimes the only solution is to put on a good song and dance "it" out. Giving children the opportunity to engage with music in this way, from an early age, encourages them to develop a relationship with one of the most universally moving modes of human expression - one more tool to add to their emotional toolbox as they navigate this complex world we inhabit.


 Some might call him a, “renaissance man” though he prefers, “jack of many trades, master of none”! Don is a high school teacher, a career he has wanted since he was in middle school. He is a Special Education teacher focusing in the Sciences. Don is a loving husband to a wonderful wife and a father to his beautiful infant daughter. Don has been playing music since he was 7 years old and continues to learn new styles of guitar playing. The Mill Creek Jumble is the band Don formed with Bryan (yep, the guy you may have just read about!) 4.5 years ago. They play frequently in the area and focus on folk and bluegrass style music. In the “oodles” of spare time Don has on his hands, he devotes to a litany of hobbies and interests. Don is an avid learner and is always looking to find new ways to DIY things around the house or in his garden. 

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